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Is the whole world going down a sink-hole??

Man, I am starting to get seriously worried now. These things just keep happening. Maybe we need some kind of government action against sinkholes, they seem at least as dangerous as sharks!

And it seems like I’m going to have plenty more to write about on this highly entertaining blog of mine. He he.

Stay tuned!!! 🙂



You know, when I started writing about sink-holes, it was a piss-take. I didn’t expect it to actually provide enough material to sustain a blog…but it has! 🙂

Oh, and exactly how did they know that the fish were flipping out? 🙂

What the hell!!!

I haven’t posted for a while but I had to do this one. What the hell is happening with all these sinkholes???? I had it as a category for a joke but I could have based my whole blog around them apparently! And this one is bloody tragic.

What is it with sinkholes??? :-)

I think one of my first posts was about sinkholes, and they have featured pretty regularly since…now here is another one! What the hell is going on here? Are we gradually being taken over by a subterranean race or is mankind and his wicked ways just slowly being sucked back into the ground we came from?:-) Any thoughts?

Or is it just me? I haven’t shared it with you until now but one appeared in the backyard of my rental property recently. Spooky huh! Or maybe not. 🙂

The whole damn world is falling down a sinkhole!

When you start up a blog one of things that the experts suggest is that you decide on a theme to give your blog some purpose…well I think mine might be sinkholes. Everywhere I turn there is a news article about something or someone falling into a bloody great hole. Here is another one. Not totally sure how I am going to develop this into the future but it definitely seems like a sign to me! 🙂