Things script-writers have taught me – Ep 1

It has been a while, hasn’t it. Sorry bout that…what can I say, I’ve been busy. I can imagine quite a few of my friends laughing heartily at the moment. 🙂 Anyway, I’m back now, with a new resolve to bore the crap out of you on a more regular basis.

I thought to ease myself back in I might do a series on things that I have learned from script-writers. Some context…my older brother and I get together one night every weekend for a night of eating junk, talking bollocks and catching up on a bit of tele. Now, we both consider ourselves erudite fellows and, as a result, often find ourselves chuckling (read “yelling at the tele”) at the laziness of script-writers. But, on reflection, given that I lecture at Murdoch University, I thought it might be better if I turned these episode into learning experiences, with appropriate illustrations from current TV series…so here goes.

Things script-writers have taught me – Ep 1

Always communicate any plans to over-come the bad guys telepathically because, no matter where or under what circumstances you do it, if you talk about your plans with anyone else, the bad guys (or one of their minions) will just happen to be in a position to overhear them.

However if you happen to be the bad guy, talk about your plans as often and as loudly as you wish. No-one will ever overhear you, and even if they do, they will conveniently be killed before they can pass them on to anyone who can do anything about it.

Case in point : Just about every episode of Salem.


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