Monthly Archives: September 2012

Ginger Alert : A public warning. :-)

I don’t do this very often but I thought this was so scary that I really did need to put out a broadcast to you all, warning you of the very real danger that lurks among us. And to re-assure you that I’m not just spamming you all, I have checked Hoax Slayer, Snopes, and a couple of the other sites you can visit to check email and blog hoaxes. This one didn’t appear on any of them as a hoax. So, you have been warned, this can really happen! 🙂 By the way, can I say sorry upfront to all of my beautiful red-headed friends for using an old stereotype just to get a few cheap laughs…forgive me, I am weak. 🙂

Changing the subject totally, I was at a Medieval Carnivale a few weekends ago in a sleepy little town in the south west of W.A., called Balingup. In case you have never been to one of these things, they are great fun. At this one there were lots of little stalls selling a range of interesting hand-made products, lots of great food (the Bratwurst hotdogs were ‘ken amazing! 🙂 ) and lots of displays, like swordfighting, falconry and black-smithing. They even had a burning of the dragon. And the atmosphere was great; people were obviously there just to have a good time. The only downside was all the losers in medieval costume, like this sad git.

Oh, just to update my previous post, I’ve worked out the problem. It came to me last week when I paid attention to the facial expressions of the people who didn’t reply to my greetings; a mixture of surprise and contempt. It is apparent to me now that I have mis-judged these people completely, because the whole issue is simply one of mis-communication. We are obviously speaking different languages. I think I’m saying ‘hiya’ or ‘good morning’ but, because of language differences, they are hearing ‘f*&k off and die’, or words to that effect. I haven’t quite worked out what the exact translation is, but you get the giste. But, now that I think about it, it is actually much worse that I thought, because it’s more than just another langauge, the issue is obviously that I’m trying to communicate witth another species. Yes folks, I am talking alien invasion. I think I can safely say that there aren’t too many human cultures where a smile, a head nod and something uttered, be it in another language, wouldn’t be interpreted as ‘hello’, so to suggest that the people I pass are aliens, new to the Earth and not fully aware of our customs, is the only logical conclusion a sane person could come to; or have I taken that too far? 🙂

Update : I rode today and every single ‘person’ I passed nodded, smiled or said hello. So either these aliens are catching on fast, or the rumours of the death of human decency are greatly exaggerated, mainly by me as it turns out. 🙂