Monthly Archives: August 2012

Just f*&king nod!

I’ve been meaning to write this particular entry for ages but I always seem to get distracted; or have something happen that renews my faith in human nature. But now I’ve finally had enough! You see, as you may or may not know, I spend a lot of time either walking or riding around Mandurah. Whenever I have something to do in town I just stroll in. And I ride at least three times a week on the bike paths that run along the beach south of my house. And in the course of this walking and riding, I pass a lot of people. People out walking their dogs, riding their bike or just getting to somewhere else like I am. And, me being the friendly, cheerful chap that I am, I acknowledge them all in some small way. Runners I’ll just nod my head to cos I know they don’t want to have to reply to me. People walking I’ll say hi to, or thank them for moving over on the path so I can get past. But, as much as possible, I’ll recognise them in same way or other.

So this morning’s ride was going to plan. Lots of people out walking, riding etc., so lots of head nodding and ‘morning’ or ‘thank you’ going on. And then I hit a patch, which sadly is not that unusual, where about 5 people in a row just rubbered me. Didn’t even look my way as I rode toward them. Or even worse, looked me in the eye without a hint that I even existed. The thing is that this is not an usual situation. On my walks into town I can be walking toward someone and the two of us can be the only people in view for a kilometre either way and they’ll walk past like I was a ghost. Some will avert their gaze so that we don’t make eye contact but others will just pretend that I don’t exist. I  mean, I know I’m no oil painting but surely I deserve some indication that they have recognised the presence of another human being! I can understand that walking down Hay Street in the middle of Perth you don’t want to acknowledge every person you pass but seriously, have we got to the point where we are so absorbed in ourselves that we can’t even acknowledge another human being when we are the only two people within cooee?

I’m not asking for a lengthy conversation, in fact I’d be the first to say no to this, but surely a f*&king nod of your head isn’t too much to ask! 🙂