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Olympic donut…ers :-)

I was out on my bike today, on the bike path and wearing my helmet for those who care to ask, when I passed an area of road that is slightly wider than normal to allow for some roadside parking spaces. Apparently what this creates is a perfect space for revheads to do donuts because the road surafce is more tyre rubber than tarmac. My immediate reaction, a combination of old bastard and totally knackered by that point, was to think that the perpetraters should be taken out, lined up against a wall and shot.

Upon further consideration I realised that the punishment probably didn’t fit the crime and my thoughts wondered off on to why people would want to do such a meaningless thing anyway. The answer I came up was that they must enjoy it; kinda logical really. 🙂 This is turn led me to wonder whether it was actually any more meaningless than lots of other things people do for enjoyment. Do you ever stop to think about the point of football? Or golf? Or just about any sport. Or hobby? Or anything really. I can understand that participating in sports has a benefit in terms of health and fitness. But what about watching it? Imagine trying to explain watching football to an alien.

‘So what do you Earthlings for fun?’ (I have assumed, for ease of reading, that all aliens speak English. If Hollywood  says they do, that is good enough for me! 🙂 )

‘Well, we like to sit around and watch two teams of people chase a leather ball around a field and try to kick the leather ball between sticks more often than the other team does.’

Is this really much different from…

‘So what do you Earthlings for fun?’

‘We like to get in our cars and drive very fast in small circles so that we leave big strip of burnt rubber on the road’

The only real difference to me is that one is illegal. I was going to go for anti-social as well but have you ever been to a football game? 🙂

So that, in turn, got me to thinking that maybe we need to take donut-ting mainstream. Why not make it a competitive sport, with a set of rules and  everything? I mean, I read the other day that pole dancing was seeking Olympic recognition. So why not donut-ting? A little sidebar here. I was dragged along to a pole dancing show recently…I know, tragic…and I have to say I was really impressed by, along with a few other things ;-), how athletic and demanding it all seemed. Not athletic to an Olympic level maybe but pretty impressive none-the-less. But I digress; one side benefit of making donut-ting an official sport, and therefore  more mainstream, might be that it makes it less appealing to the  revhead element. See, there is method in my madness…sometimes! 🙂


Busting myths for non-Mythbusters. :-)

Life is a funny thing hey. Since I took my New Years Eve vow of sanguinity I find that I have less of an urge to jump on here and vent my spleen. Good for me but not much good for blog output unfortunately. 🙂 But I saw this the other day and thought it would make a great little entry. I really like the idea of the forum he is going to and the way it is being run. It seems like a good model for lots of other events. The mining resources rent tax , putting a price on carbon etc etc.

It’s a bit of a ‘no shit, Sherlock’ kind of article really isn’t it (especially the ‘The first myth that needs busting is the conceit that the human mind is organised, logical and rational’ statement. 🙂 ). If you want to change someone’s mind or  convince them of your point of view don’t overwhelm them with information, don’t threaten their world view and don’t perpetuate the myth. Actually it is something that the Liberals do very well in Australia and Labor does very poorly. Remember back to the Mining Super Profits Tax. The Liberals; a great, big new tax. The mining industry; this will destroy the economy and your job with it. Labor; a guy standing in a lecture theatre intellectualising the tax. Who won that argument I wonder! And right now with the ‘faceless men’ obsession the Liberals and the media have. Total nonsense but very effective. I mean how dumb is a statement like  ‘Bill Shorten and the other faceless men’? 🙂 But it is short, simple and gets traction.

I might need to send this to a few select politicians, me thinks. Hell, the whole of the Labor caucus! 🙂

Oh btw, the guy who wrote this article’s blog is interesting as well for anyone confused about the nature of the climate change denialist argument.