I love these kinds of stories

I think I may have mentioned before that I get a bit of stick from a friend that most of my blog post are a bit heavy and argumentative. She implores me for more fluffy bunny stories. And I have to admit that I find the fluffy bunny stories embiggen my soul. Btw, don’t bother looking up ’embiggen’, it is a made up word from The Simpsons.:-)

So, for the sake of a little embiggening, here is a great story my parents sent me about a year ago. I think little projects like these are great and I have so much time and respect for the people who actually get off their arse and do stuff like this. I was thinking about that today as I was walking home from a quick trip into town. It is slightly off-point but people like the Occupy Wall Street protesters  and the legitimate protesters at major events like the G20 Summit deserve our respect and admiration I think. We might not always appreciate their cause or their methods but at least they are getting out and trying to make a difference. And so often those of us who sit at home and do nothing benefit from their actions. The world is now addressing climate change (Our parliament passed legislation for a tax on CO2 emissions today. Yaaaaaayyyyy!!!! 🙂 )  cos people other than me were prepared to get out on the streets and march about it. And most of us have good pay and conditions at work cos members of unions, other than me, have been prepared to strike to achieve them. And people like Will Allen, the guy in the article, will hopefully make a difference that will make all our lives better. I have no idea where my argument is going at this point so I’ll stop. I don’t even know if there was a point to be made, let alone whether I made it or not. Oh I know what it was, actually it wasn’t but I’m going to go with it. If you aren’t willing to get off your bum to walk alongside the people who are trying to make a difference you can at least send them some money, or sign their petitions or send a letter on their behalf to a politician.

Well that’s what I do and it embiggens my soul. That’s alls I’m sayin. (Man, did this one live up to the blogs title! 🙂 )


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