Facebook Warren, May 2007 to 21st Oct 2011. May His Virtual Soul Rest in Peace. :-)

As the day of Facebook Warren’s passing in to the ether draws closer I thought I would share some final Facebook musings with you.

I have to say I have found people’s reaction to me closing my account really interesting. Some people have acted almost like I was dying while others have been totally dismissive of the me actually being able to do it, to the point of posting smart arse comments about seeing me back in a couple of weeks. It got me thinking about how quickly and completely Facebook, and social networking in general, have become not just part of our lives but, apparently, a necessity. But I guess when you think about it, it really is no surprise. It is, after all, communication-lite in a superficial world. 🙂

And then there was the person who posed the philosophical question of whether, if we don’t exist on Facebook, we exist at all? An interesting, if not seemingly ridiculous, notion. And yet it has a element of truth about it. I think as far as most people who post events on Facebook are concerned, if you aren’t on Facebook then you don’t exist. 🙂

This On-Facebook / Not-On-Facebook divide did get me thinking if whether in future people will be defined not by their country of birth but by which is their dominant social networking site. We’ll ask people if they are Facebookians, Bebonitess or WAYNers. People will argue about which is best, starstruck lovers will be denied because of it (the union between a Facebookian and a LinkedIner is frankly just wrong. I mean, what would they even talk about? 🙂 ) and, I think, as a quite logically extension of my argument, wars will be fought over it. But all the different social-networkers will be united in their hatred and disdain of the new under-class, those without a social network to call home. Or have I taken that too far? 🙂

My final musing comes from my brother when I told him I was closing my account. We talked about how Facebook uses people’s information (I have a friend who helps people set up their businesses on Facebook and he said you would be horrified at how much Facebook share with companies who sign up) when my brother pointed out how weird people are. They get all bent out of shape at the idea of the Government having access to their personal data, through things like the Census, even though they are using it to plan for the need for things like education, medical and social amenities. But it seems okay to let a major corporation, headed by a guy who is probably a narcissist and sociopath or both, have access to anything they want to make as much money as they want. So we don’t trust out elected officials, who we can remove every three years if we want, but we are happy to trust a corporation whose sole reason for existence is to make money and who we effectively have no control over. Does strikes me as kinda weird.

But enough of my ramblings. You know where you can find me so speak to you soon!


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