Some Telethon thoughts.

Just sitting watching some Telethon. I used to love it as a kid, so long ago now that we were getting excited about reaching one million. 🙂 But this year’s event is going on while all over the world there are huge demonstrations that started off directed at the excesses of Wall Street but now seem to be targeting the inequity of the capitalist system in general. And it got me wondering about why, in a world as rich as ours, we need Telethon, or charities, at all.

Here are some interesting figures for you. The CEO of Qantas has just been granted a payrise to bring his salary to just under half of the $12 million raised this year. The biggest bonus paid on Wall Street in 2006 was $23 million with total bonuses in 2010 being $20 billion. Oh and the total of $12 million represents a whopping .05% approx. of BHP’s 2011 profit of $21 billion (but no way they can afford a to pay more tax hey!).

I’m just not convinced we have our priorities quite right.


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