How our media sucks – Pt ‘I’ve lost count’.

Quality journalists must shake their heads in wonder at what some of their colleagues are doing to their noble and essential profession. First there was the News of the World hacking peoples phones, including murder victims, families of murder victim and bereaved families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then Andrew Bolt, a man with his own TV show, a widely read blog and columns in 3 (I think) newspapers, tries to play the victim when he is found guilty of having breached anti-discrimination laws, not because of the subject he wrote on but because he lied. And now this.

How is on this f*&king earth is Julia Gillard’s praise tempered by the fact that they spelled her name wrong in a list? If you look at the picture of the article itself, they have spelled it right at least twice. And if anything, the praise is tempered by statements like  ‘The magazine notes Ms Gillard may have been forced into her energy policy by the need to form a minority government with the Greens, but by doing so she “risked her political life”. “Whether you see the move as politically expedient or as a principled course correction, there’s no denying the risk that it entails in a country where climate change is a wildly contentious issue,” the magazine says.’

But apparently a typo is more a reflection on the praise given. Well Jeremy Thompson might not have a single typo in his article but that doesn’t make his argument any less of a poorly written piece of crap. Too harsh? Look at it this way; I wouldn’t accept an argument like that from one of my Master students and they don’t claim to be journalists with an audience of thousands.


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