The Tour de France – Finally, recognition for some great Australians! :-)

Man, I am such a proud Australian after the Tour de France! What? You think it is great that Cadel Evans won as well? Yeah, that was good I guess but bout time really, he has had 7 goes at it for goodness sake! 🙂 No, I was talking about the comment below which was posted on the live feed of the official Tour de France site and seen by millions of people around the world.

17.30 Bogans running next to Contador : There are Australian “bogans” running beside the stage leader. They’re wrapped in the national flag and are ignoring the many requests from the race organisers to leave the rider alone on the climbs.”

So  proud, so  proud! 🙂

On a serious note, what a great result hey. Now maybe I  won’t be looked at like an alien every year when I rabbit on about the Tour. 🙂 If anyone wants me to bore them to death about the tactics etc behind the Tour please let me know. But for now I’ll just tell you that he effectively won the Tour on Friday when he rode by himself, without any assistance from any other riders, for 16 kilometres up the side of a mountain steeper than the road to Dwellingup  to make up over a minute of the minute and half he had lost earlier in the stage to two world class climbers (Schleck and Contador) because of a mechanical problem with his bike. Had he not caught them then Schleck would have had enough of a lead going into the time trial. Most of us couldn’t imagine the effort and pain involved let alone have ever experienced it!


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