It’s a pity they couldn’t Transform it into a good movie! :-)

As part of being a good citizen I thought it was my duty to come on and tell the world, DON’T GO AND SEE THE NEW TRANSFORMERS MOVIE!! 🙂 This movie should have an ‘R’ rating, for the rage you are going to feel at having parted with good money to see it. Or maybe even an ‘X’ rating, cos that is what your language is going to be if you paid the extra to see it in 3D. I  mean, when a total stranger (in the target demographic) breaks the guy code of not talking to anyone at the urinal, to tell you how bad it was then it must be very bad indeed! It is only the second movie in my life I have wanted to walk out of. The only reason I didn’t was cos I was with a mate, who, as it turns out, didn’t walk out for the same reason. It was so bad that it has been put in my ‘You have to admire their balls’ section, well, cos you just have to! 🙂

I really can’t even begin to tell you how bad it was but I am going to anyway. 🙂 The plot was a rambling piece of crap, the acting was awful, it was way too long (nearly 3 hours) and the dialogue was so lame at times that it actually very nearly made the whole experience worthwhile. And, before people jump all over me, this is even with a full understanding that this was just meant to be a rollicking action movie and not a cinematic masterpiece. I watched the first one again during the week and enjoyed it. The sad thing is, with a cast like John Malkovich (what the hell was his kung fu bit with Bumblebee about :-S ), John Turturro, Frances McDormand, Patrick Dempsey, Alan Tudyk, Ken Jeong (he of Community and The Hangover fame) et al., there was a real chance for them to make a substantial action movie.

On the plus side the action was typical Transformers good, but not really that much advanced from the first movie, and, well that’s about it really. 🙂 No wait, at least in the UK they are not into the whole 3D ticket price rip-off. Tickets to 3D movies are the same prices as for 2D. You then pay an extra $1.20 and buy a pair of glasses to keep. Next time you go to a 3D movie you just use the same glasses.

Oh, and the 3D, don’t bother. Once again, in a movie that seems perfect for it, it’s pointless. With all the fighting, flying, shooting etc. not one thing jumps out at you. And is it just me or does 3D just make everything look like cardboard cut-outs? I don’t know what it is, maybe the edges of things are too clearly defined, but it just doesn’t look anything like real 3D.

Btw, while I have you, can you sort something out for me? When 3D glasses make 2D into 3D, are they just adding another dimension or increasing the number of dimensions by 50%? The reason I ask is I want to know whether wearing the glasses in the real world will give me 4D or 4 1/2 D?

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