Weirdo? :-S

I was walking into town the other day and this guy crossed the road to walk about 20 metres in front of me. We were both striding out so I decided to try to catch him…this is something I do whenever I am exercising, I use people in front of me as targets. I think that part might be a pretty normal way that runners etc give themselves some motivation.

Anyway, I am slowly making ground on this guy when suddenly he turns up a side street. Which is fine obviously….quite within his rights to do so. But then, in my mind, I start making remarks to myself…and to him! Things to myself like ‘nailed him!’ and ‘yeeeeesssss!!!’. And things to him like ‘couldn’t hack the pace huh!’ and ‘loooossssseeeerrr’. It reminded me that I have actually done this all my life…is that normal??

The funny this is that, generally, while my mind is slagging the person off my body is saying ‘thank f*&k…I couldn’t have kept that up for much longer!’ 🙂


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