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Glasgow’s hidden gems : Ep. 1

Seeing as I am over here I thought that I’d share with you some of the sights of Glasgow that you may not necessarily see highlighted in a guide book. Guide books will direct you to the museums, galleries, great architecture etc but once you are there you really need to look to find the nuggets.

For example, here isΒ  the best piece of art in the world, and I will brook no argument. But the real hidden gem in this one is the genius who made it. Is there no end to this guys talent? πŸ™‚

And here is a hidden architectural gem of Glasgow…their very own leaning tower, every bit as impressive as the one in Pisa! πŸ™‚

And finally, for all of you who ever wondered about haggis, here are the facts and a picture of one in captivity. It must be true, it was in a museum! πŸ™‚

WellΒ  that’s all for now, folks, but stay tuned for the next exciting instalment!


Weirdo? :-S

I was walking into town the other day and this guy crossed the road to walk about 20 metres in front of me. We were both striding out so I decided to try to catch him…this is something I do whenever I am exercising, I use people in front of me as targets. I think that part might be a pretty normal way that runners etc give themselves some motivation.

Anyway, I am slowly making ground on this guy when suddenly he turns up a side street. Which is fine obviously….quite within his rights to do so. But then, in my mind, I start making remarks to myself…and to him! Things to myself like ‘nailed him!’ and ‘yeeeeesssss!!!’. And things to him like ‘couldn’t hack the pace huh!’ and ‘loooossssseeeerrr’. It reminded me that I have actually done this all my life…is that normal??

The funny this is that, generally, while my mind is slagging the person off my body is saying ‘thank f*&k…I couldn’t have kept that up for much longer!’ πŸ™‚

Robin Hood, Robin Hood etc etc :-)

I wrote about the Robin Hood Tax around this time last year but now it seems to be developing some traction. I still think it is a great idea and worthy of all governments considering. I’m in Glasgow at the moment and the anger over here about the GFC is still very strong. Especially now, as the government is bringing in a lot of spending cuts while the people who caused it all are seen to be still getting massive bonuses etc.

Anyway I’m just putting it out there…here is the link to the Facebook page if you want to find out more about it

How amazing is this? Oh and men in short denim shorts! :-)

First up…how incredible is this?? I know for the dance purists this might be more acrobatics than dance but man!!!! πŸ™‚

But the reason for this post was really to muse about the passing of Spamalot. It is just over a week since the last show and it already seems like it never happened. It was a really great time with a fantastic group of people but, as they say, all good things must come to end. I will have lots of good memories though and probably the most enduring is that, for all the clever dialogue, for all the energetic dancing, for all the lovely singing and harmonies, the scene that people seemed to like the best was one where six men, of various builds, of which I was one, pranced around the stage dressed only in short denim shorts and bright tied tops. We really are simple creatures! πŸ™‚