Ooooohhhh those fibbers!! :-)

Hey, I thought one of the key oppositions to a carbon tax, and dealing with climate change in general, was that no-one else was doing anything. You know the ‘I’m not going to put Australian jobs at risk by taking action when no-one else is’ argument. But it seems that everyone else is doing heaps and we are actually in danger of being left behind. Even Britain has now committed to a 50% reduction on carbon levels by 2050…read this.

And it appears that rest of the world is full-steam ahead….’There’s a fairly low chance of that happening, says Wright, with most countries moving to renewables and no countries moving away from them. Germany has set itself a goal of being 100% powered by renewable energy by 2050. Spain has increased investment in renewable energy from 500 million euros per year up to 2.5 billion euros this year, even in the midst of difficult economic times. France, a country dependent on nuclear technology, is abiding by its 20% renewable energy target. Even China is increasing its large investment in solar and wind energy and taking a moratorium on its nuclear energy investment after the Japan earthquake and debate over the Fukushima plant’

So we seem to have gone from being potential leaders to lagging miles behind again…..AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


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