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Seriously??? I mean, SERIOUSLY??

I’m actually a bit speechless about this one so I’ll leave it to you to see if you can work out why this is in my ‘How our media sucks’ category. I  mean, seroiusly???:-)


We really are a pack of wankers!

And I mean that with utmost sincerity. 🙂 We have a major debate, pages and pages of media commentary and a massive advertising campaign from the mining companies over the Mining Super  Profits Tax….and it still isn’t resolved. Where-as in Britain the government just says ‘ hey, you oil  and gas companies are making a lot of money from a resource owned by all of us so we are going to take some more money off you’….and they just do it. Well, actually, if you read this article it appears that they did it and then told the oil and gas people.

I’m sure the oil and gas people will piss and moan about it but it’s  a lot harder to do something about a tax once it is in me thinks. A lesson for our government  maybe?

Another in the series of ‘How Our Media Sucks’. :-)

Have a look at the headline and first two paragraphs of this article….this is what passes as journalism in this country! So let me get this straight….Julia Gillard is possibly, but not definitely, confirming that the cuts that may, or may not, have been planned in the Budget have now been scrapped, or maybe not. So she is either confirming the scrapping of non-existent cuts, not confirming the scrapping of existing cuts or….wait, I’m lost now!

And the headline sounded so sure of itself! 🙂

Yaaaayyyy, at last!!:-)

Those of you who know me or have read my blog regularly will know of my slight abhorrence of the use of the term ‘un-Australian’….it f^%king sucks! 🙂 So it is really nice to see that it’s over-use is starting to get some attention in the media, here and here. I guess it is all downhil for a word when the Gaming industry starts to use it as it’s catch-cry. 🙂


Lucky, lucky man

I’m just back from a weekend down south with my brothers, my dad and my nephew. It’s an annual event that has been going on for about ten years now and it grows every now and then as a nephew turns seventeen year old. Basically it is a weekend of eating too much, bumming around and, most importantly, talking complete bollocks constantly for four days. 🙂 The location moves occasionally and has included places as far out as Kalgoorlie. But over the last few years it has kinda settled down south somewhere. It started as a Friday to Sunday thing but has grown into a Thursday to Sunday thing as we all decided that, with getting there latish on Friday and having to check out early on Sunday,  3 days really wasn’t enough.

But boring you to death with the details of our ‘Boys Weekend’ isn’t really the point of this post. The point is how lucky I consider myself to have a relationship with my family to makes such an event so enjoyable and successful. Sure there are a few ‘heated debates’ over the weekend but it is predominantly heaps of laughing, chatting and generally having a good time. And the enthusiasm for the event gets greater each year. But the highlight for me this year was when my eighteen year old nephew, after spending the weekend being the butt of most of the jokes, made a point of telling me how much he had enjoyed it and how much he was looking forward to next year. Sure that might partly be cos his younger cousin joins us next year so he is one step higher up the totem pole but I think it also reflects the quality of the relationships we have in my family. I hope I never take that for granted.

I am a lucky man indeed.