Voyeurism or genuine news?

In the wake of the recent disasters, both here and round the the world, can I ask whether people think that the news coverage of them has slipped from genuine news coverage and into voyeurism? It seems that the first thing that television stations do now when something catastrophic happens is pack off their highest profile newspeople to the disaster scene. Aren’t the local reporters good enough? Why do I need it personalised by having it covered by a familiar face? Seriously, what does Grant Denier crying at the scene add to my understanding of what is happening? Or is it just ‘good television’?

Coverage of these events is crucial, without doubt, for a whole number of reasons but do we really need our news providers thrusting themselves into the middle of people’s grief? I personally find it offensive.

Have a read of this article and the range of comments from people. Maybe it is time we asked our news providers to do just that…provide the news.


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