Amazing Drag Queen!

Saw The Be(A)st of Taylor Mac last night at MPAC in Mandurah and it was amazing…best show I have seen in a long time. It was in the smaller Fishtrap Theatre, which is great for these more intimate kinds of show, and he…she…um…whatever was great. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea…but if you like edgy, poignant comedy and songs (amazing voice btw) delivered by a ukulele playing drag queen then this is the show for you!:-) I don’t know what it was but you just fell in love with the guy…and you found yourself all the time in that awkward situation of laughing while thinking the murder of a 13 year old boy by another student for wearing make-up and high heels to school really shouldn’t be that funny. I think that was why it was so good…he would draw you into laughing and then suddenly remind you how serious an event or situation it was. Oh and you have to love those moments when a performers says something contentious and the audience draws a collective breathe…and then just goes on loving the guy!

The really interesting thing for me was to see a US performer bag the United States. He obviously loves his country but is also very aware of it’s  short comings…and is not afraid to say so. It brought to mind an American friend of mine who reminded me of the dangers of lumping groups of people in together by pointing out that less than 50% of Americans voted for George Bush.

Anyway a great night…and really nice to see so many people hang around and chat for about half an hour after.


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