My killer Facebook app! :-)

Ooohhh very excited, just had a great idea. Would welcome your thoughts on it.

One of the key uses of Facebook seems to be what is called Vaguebooking. You know, the posting of status updates that don’t actually mean anything or are intended to be suitable vague so that people are forced to inquire what the poster is talking about. ‘FML!’ is probably the Mac Daddy of all Vaguebooks posts…it screams vague but also ‘I think my life is totally f*&ked for some as yet un-established, reason…let the spontaneous outpourings of sympathy commence’.:-)

Well I’m thinking of dusting off my programming skills and writing an app that will make life easier for all Vaguebookers so that they can get actually go out and maybe get one.:-)  All they’ll need to do is tell the program how often they want their status updated and the software will do the rest.

I’m even thinking of putting in categories so that they can decide what type of VBer they want to be. So far I have ‘Mysterious’ which will have things like ‘Whatever!’, ‘You shouldn’t have done that’, ‘It’s now or never’ and ‘Stop!’ The second category I have is ‘Teenage Angst’, which might also be called ‘Drama Queen’…I haven’t decided yet…which will have the classic ‘FML!’ of course but also things like ‘Why me?:-(‘, ‘Life sucks’ and ‘Why am I always so tired?’ The final category I have is the ‘I’m trying to sound clever’ category which will just be a random word generator that puts nonsense words together in grammatically correct ways. This will generate the ‘Cats and onions?’ or ‘Ever catch a bus to the moon?’ type of Vaguebook status update. I’m sure there are other categories and any suggestions are very welcome.

And of course the beauty of this is that then I can write an app that automatically responds on your behalf to these kinds of status update so that you don’t have to waste your time pretending you care! 🙂


4 responses to “My killer Facebook app! :-)

  1. That’s nice. You’ve put a lot of effort into that. Need to gently break it to you that YOUR REAL WORLD IS ON FIRE. Irony. You’ve done awfully well with your asbestos blogging cupboard, but this would be a good time to activate the emergency paddles and jettison yourself into the sea.

    …or, damn it, I’ve been suckered by the cursed media again, haven’t I? Queensland just had a bit of rain, Melbourne is still in drought and you’re having a ‘barbie’? Pop me in the ‘spinster angst’ category. And I was almost worried about you. Ha!

    • Oh I do enjoy our chats! My real world is actually not on fire. You haven’t been suckered by the media, Australia does indeed seem to be in the firing line at the moment. Maybe it is retribution time for us being godless heathens? 🙂 What you have in fact fallen into is the ‘Australia is a bloody big place’ trap. The fires in Perth are about the same distance from me as Glasgow to Edinburgh…so no real need for an asbestos blogging cupboard. 😉

      And I will write a ‘spinster angst’ category for you…though I thought being ‘almost worried’ about someone would probably just put you in the ‘friend’ category! 🙂

  2. The other Australian I know (very charitable of me) became worried when there were floods “only 5 hours from Melbourne”. That perception of distance should’ve tipped me off, eh? Nevertheless, thanks for INVALIDATING all my concerns; way to nurture interaction! hahaha

    And steady on there, matey, I mean, Facebook ‘friend’ is a bit strong! 😉 (patronising little segue back to your topic, huh?)

    • My profuse apologies for invalidating your much appreciated concerns. I think I just missed them in the sarcasm! 😛 He he

      And sorry for my assumption of ‘friends’…I have been well and truly put back in my box! 😉

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