World-class lover alert!

No, not me…well, not this time…oh, I still crack myself up sometimes! 🙂 But I did see someone in Mandurah yesterday who would be high in the world rankings, if they had rankings for this kind of thing. I’ve never seen, met, heard of or had any contact at all with this woman and yet I knew I was in the presence of greatness. How, you might ask?

Well, she has three little, yappy dogs, chihuahuas I think, in little harnesses. And I heard her telling someone that, although the dogs have their own little beds, they all sleep in her bed. And they all have their own little wardrobes, filled with outfits that she normally dresses them up in before they go out.

But she also had a boyfriend, a quite cool, no-nonsense looking kind of guy. So given the dog thing I think my conclusion is totally logical! 🙂


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