You have to be ‘ken kidding!

I’ve decided to start a new series….the ‘You have to admire their balls’ category…which will pay homage to those people or groups who have the balls to do something so hypocritical, patently unfair or unbelievably self-serving that you can’t help but be impressed by their moxy.

I started in with the Republican Party in the US and this corker. Oh wait, I probably started with here when the Mining Resources Rent Tax was something the media told us we should care about. But next is the latest campaign by the large Australian retailers to have GST put on on-line sales from overseas…only 3% of shopping sales at the moment. I mean, poor babies! It must be tough for them…they deserve to have the playing field levelled a bit. After-all, it is going to cost Australian jobs…oh wait, just like their strategy of closing down small retailers has. And whatever happened to customer loyalty…oh wait, didn’t they destroy that themselves by deliberately developing consumers sensitive only to price. And then when these customers find a better price they want the government to step in. Shows how much they really care about their customers!

I just have a bit of a chuckle  when these bastions of free enterprise have a problem and, rather than getting creative and finding a way around it, they bleat to the government. Yet when it suits them, like when they want an end to controlled shopping hours….designed to make the playing field level for smaller businesses…they tell the government to stop  interfering with the free market!

But, as I say, you have to admire their balls!


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