I’m sure that ‘Blaghag’ (or Jen, as her parents no doubt call  her! 🙂 ) probably doesn’t want to forever be known as the girl who started Boobquake, an event to prove an Iranian religious leader’s claim that women in low tops cause earthquakes wrong, but it was a really good way to get your attention! And now that I have it I would like to direct it to the rest of her blog and not just the boob related stuff. 🙂

In her own words “This blog doesn’t have a specific theme, unless you count Shit Jen Thinks About as one. Most posts are about atheism, religion, science, biology, sex, feminism, politics, and any strange combination of those things.”

You might not agree with everything she says but I think you will like the way in which she says it. And I reckon much kudos to her for having the balls, metaphorically at least :-), to say it. I doubt I would have had when I was twenty two.

We don’t always need to agree with each other but I do think we need to at least have the debate. And blogs allow you to do it with a lot of people….so if you like to mass debate (I just crack myself up sometimes! 🙂 ) pop on over to


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