Find me a dragon to slay! :-)

I was walking to the theatre the other night…yes, I am that Boho guy who not only ‘does’ theatre but strolls there. 🙂 Pity I’m not strolling to London’s West End or New York’s Broadway but I digress. So there I was, strolling theatre-ward, with my mind running amok, as it is wont to do, when the comments friends have made recently about romance popped into my head. I know that I have written about romance before but it, or rather the lack of it, seems a pretty big deal to a lot of people. And it occurred to me that maybe it isn’t that romance is dead, maybe we have just lost sight of what it is. Or maybe that’s not it either…maybe we have been duped by movies, magazines etc to think that Hollywood-style romance is enough. I can tell already that this post is going to be a rambling pile of crap…but read the name of my blog, don’t say you weren’t warned!:-)

Anyway, back to the point at hand. The Hollywood version of romance is easy, which is why I’m surprised more guys haven’t picked up on it. Buy some flowers, return texts promptly, say nice things about how she looks, express some emotions and bingo! Sadly the guys who seem to have worked this out are the players…I came, I romanced, I conquered. If I had a dollar for every female friend who had told me a tale of such woe then I’d be…um, in tea money for a month.

Which makes me wonder whether the media message we are getting hasn’t let the bar slide a bit too low. In the old fables the suitor has to fight a dragon or perform a raft of herculean tasks to earn the princess’s hand. Now just being mildly attentive and not being a total arsehole seems to be make a guy the best of  bad bunch. Recover the Golden Orchid from the Pit of Despair has been replaced by picking up a bunch of crappy flowers from a supermarket! 🙂

So to my wonderful lady friends I say, you are jewels. You are strong, smart, funny, gorgeous, charming and worthy of great effort…so set Prince Charming some real tests. I’m not suggesting that the little things don’t have meaning as well but they are also more easily faked. So judge him not only by how quickly he returns texts but by how quickly he offers to help with your gardening, not only by the restaurant he takes you to but by the picnic he is happy to join you and your kids on, not only by the nice things he says to you but by how he deals with the homeless guy in the street.

Or am I just making excuses for my own romantics failings?:-)


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