One person’s art is another person’s ‘ken huge billboard!

Anyone who lives in Mandurah would have to be blind, deaf and dumb (or actually have a life! 🙂 ) to have not read , heard or said something about the Crab Net sculpture on the new freeway entrance to Mandurah. Like all good art it has really polarised opinion….people either love it, hate it or, being Mandurah,  mostly don’t give a shit. 🙂

But while there have been numerous articles and scores of ‘letters to the editor’ in the local papers about the sculpture, there hasn’t been a single mention of the three new f&*k-off big billboards that have appeared along the side of the Forrest Highway just south of Pinjarra Road. The things are f&*king enormous…..and blue! I mean they are sur-really big….get the double meaning, clever huh! 🙂 But not a peep.

Are we so brainwashed by the idea that just about anything is acceptable as long as it is for making money. Funny society we live in…or it is just that people haven’t noticed them yet?


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