Monthly Archives: October 2010

And I thought they thought we were complete idiots!

Hey, I just saw the ad for the latest Dettol product…at last, something designed and marketed because it is useful and not just as a pointless means of product differentiation. About bloody time!

It’s a disinfectant soap dispenser that you don’t need to use  a push down pump  thingy for. All you do is place your hands under the nozzle, a sensor notices your hands are there and the soap is dropped onto them. It means that you don’t need to touch the top of the pump to put soap on your hands, which is good cos apparently lots of evil germy things collect there.

So now you can make sure that you don’t pick up any nasty germs from the pump head before you wash them with the nice disinfectant soa….hey, wait a minute!!!! >:-|



Shoot me now….puhlease!!! Suddenly, for some f*&king reason, everything on TV is ‘fast-tracked’ again. I won’t repeat my previous rant about this nonsensical, manipulative pile of marketing bollocks…there is a link to it here…all I want to know is what we have done to bring this pox down upon us again? 🙂

Old fart or social crusader? Your thoughts, por favor.

I think I have mentioned before that this blogging stuff is very cathartic….allows you to get stuff off your chest by having a bit of a rant about things. It’s actually pretty amazing how much better you feel afterwards…like you have somehow made a difference. Delusions of grandeur? Definitely. Do I care? Not a jot. 🙂

My latest target is the Coon cheese ad where the bloke steals his mate’s cheese toastie, waxes lyrical about how nice it is and what kind of wine / condiment it would go with, and then slaps his mate’s face for the privilege. All the while the female flatmate is finding this is all quite amusing. It just doesn’t sit right with me…for all sorts of reasons…but the main one is that the message seems to be ‘Eat Coon cheese and you’ll turn into an arshole’. Surely that’s not what the advertiser were going for?

So, old fart or social crusader? Your thoughts, if you please.  🙂

So far, so good!

The Commonwealth Games seem to have  gone off pretty much without any major hitches so far…who’d have thunk given the disasters that were predicted to befall them! Here was I fully expecting roofs to be falling in on competitors and for those that survived to be poisoned by the water in the swimming pool…but no, it’s actually been a pretty good games. Which really surprises me because it’s not like our media to beat up a story just for the sake of it! A little too sarcastic? 🙂


Just caught up on two episodes of the new season of Glee and, aside from the fact that there are a whole bunch of people who can suddenly play complex arrangements of songs they have never heard, let alone played before, has anyone noticed that the show is getting a little surreal? I mean the whole dentist thing was just downright weird, if not a little creepy. A dentist putting a young girl under after confirming that it is a bit like ‘roofies’…what kind of drilling was he planning to do exactly? And after her having asked him not to pull all her teeth because she would look like a grown-up baby with boobs!

Don’t get me wrong…thoroughly enjoying the show, probably more so now that it has got a bit weird…just saying, that’s all. 🙂