Monthly Archives: September 2010

Good news for all my slacker friends!

Hey all you slackers….you know who you are so I won’t bother naming you….finally some good news that you can shove in the face of anyone who thinks you are a useless blight on society…too harsh?? šŸ™‚

Hey seriously, I was on your side the whole time! šŸ˜‰


It’s official…they think women are idiots!

Just saw an ad for L’Oreal’s new ‘Millionizer’ mascara brush….apparently it will makes you look like you have a million lashes. Who the hell would want a million lashes…IĀ  mean seriously, how bizarre would someone with a million lashes look? šŸ™‚

But it’s not what they said…it’s not the idea that they are promising to weigh your eyelids down with about two kilo’s of lashes…it’s the fucking patronising way that they said it, like they thought they could make you believe that this thing would make you look like you have a million lashes! Ooh actually this is a ‘How our media sucks’ entry isn’t it! But I mean…seriously!!!

Finally….and no porn stars involved! :-)

Finally we have a government! And I make no secret of the fact that it has fallen the right way as far as I am concerned. But I also make no bones about the fact that Labor needs to sort their shit out and am genuinely excited about seeing how this works over the next three years…if it lasts that long! šŸ™‚

We have all heard the press and various politicians going on about how it won’t work but the thing we need to remember is that various countries around the world never have a parliamentary majority and spend the whole time with minority governments cobbled together from political parties all of all persuasions. Italy even had a porn star who formed part of a minority government.

And right now we have two stable State governments that are both minority governments. So I actually have quite high hopes that it might put an end to some of the political bickering that goes on and that we might actually get some more consensus style government…but then again I always was an idealist! šŸ™‚