How many more times am I going to have to tell Twiggy!

Seriously does the man never listen! Pop over here and read his latest self-serving piece on the Mining Tax…on second thoughts don’t bother if this kind of crap is likely to angry up your blood!

Its a tax on SUPER PROFITS for god sake!!! If they don’t make them they don’t pay it. And what Twiggy has failed to mention is that 40% of his profits flow straight to the Chinese companies that own shares. Where was his concern for Western Australians when he sold the Chinese 40% of his company?

When he says ‘The more the Government sinks its claws into the mining industry, the worse off West Australians will be.’ I think this man has only one Western Australian in mind.

And yes, these people do take risks to get these ventures going but they don’t do it to help us…they do it to get very, very, very rich. I mean how quick were they to lay off workers when the Global Financial Crisis hit? Fortescue was one of the worst offenders…where was Twiggy’s concern for Western Australians then!

And is their risk really anymore substantial then the risk lots of people take in getting a mortgage to put a roof over their kids head? If Twiggy’s project goes tit-ups he loses lots of other peoples money…if you lose your job you lose your house!

So Twiggy, now I am begging you…please, please, please Shut the F*&k Up!


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