How our media sucks – No. 1

I’m doing a backflip to fast-track losing one of my own! I have no idea what that means but the media loves this kind of shit. They latch onto words or phrases and then they just use them over and over and over again….and it pisses me off big time! Can you tell? 🙂

So this is the first in a series on how our media sucks…today lets look at how they treats us like idiots.

Backflip – Apparently any time any politician changes their mind or adjusts their position on anything it’s a ‘backflip’.  I can just imagine the geniuses at the newspapers or the television stations….

“Right guys, politician X has changed his position on the tax on cat flaps….what’s a good headline we can run with it?”

“What about we use ‘backflip’ in it somewhere boss?”

“Genuis son…bloody genius!!!”

Cue back-slaps all round.

I’m not suggesting that politicians don’t change their minds as often as I change my jocks, but really, can’t the f*&kwits in the media think of anything more original!

One of their own – I love this one…it’s mainly used in ads for cop shows and is always done with the slow, serious, measured voice over….

“Tonight…on Rush…the crew…will lose…one…of their own.”

The thing is ‘one of their own’ is always some f*&king obscure person who has only appeared in that one episode…but they think we are stupid enough, after having heard this a million f*&king times,  to think that this time one of the stars is going to get killed…give me a f*&king break!

The other one in the same vein is ‘Tonight one of your favourites will die’…sure they will…if one of your favourites is the guy who has appeared in the background of three episodes!

Fast-tracked straight from the USA – Ooooooo, fast-tracked straight from the USA…big f*&king deal! Back in the dark ages when getting a show over from the US actually required some effort this might have been impressive…now all it involves is someone hitting the enter key to download it from some server!

And the kicker with this one is that they make it sound like they are doing us a favour! The only…and I mean THE ONLY, reason they ‘fast-track straight from the USA’ is because if they don’t people will download it after it’s airing in the US and they lose all their advertising revenue! F*&kers!

Calm down,Warren…breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out….. 😀


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