WTF! You believe in vampires but not other weird shit?

I think I am going to start a new series of blog entries called something  like ‘Lazy Plot Devices’ or ‘Do They Think We Are F*&king Idiots’. 🙂 First cab off the rank is the premise that, when it suits the plot, people who have experience of something weird are then, for some reason, totally unwilling to believe in anything else weird.

Case in point…True Blood. The basic premise is that vampires are real and now living openly in society, albeit with a bit of tension here and there. As the series goes along they are slowly introducing other supernatural creatures…but no-one seems to be prepared to accept that other forms of supernatural weirdness might exist.

One of the characters in the show is a woman who can control peoples mind and make them do all sorts of things, some nasty (murder), some nice (mass orgies 🙂 ). The most recent one, an orgy, was supposed to result  in the sacrifice of another supernatural being, a shape-shifter. Unfortunately for mind-controlling woman, a detective stumbles onto the scene and disrupts the ceremony. Later when he is trying to explain that all the townfolk were there with weird black eyes, in a trance etc. etc., the sherriff and other sundry law-enforcement officer all say he is crazy.

WTF…so you know that vampires exist, with their being dead, their blood drinking, their not be able to come out in the day-time and all, but you aren’t willing to believe that there may be other scary shit going on…even when you also are  at a loss to explain why you have spent all night arresting most of the towns people for random acts of minor mayhem…and none of them can explain why they have done it!!

Oh, but they probably should be forgiven cos the script writers have used another ‘Do They Think We Are F*&king Idiots’ plot device…the detective is a drunk! How come the only person who ever witnesses weird shit is the town drunk!!!:-)


2 responses to “WTF! You believe in vampires but not other weird shit?

  1. crookeddeviant

    Congratulations, you finally pressed my button. Why is it that a 6-year old can spot this knucklehead stuff but no-one else seems to bother? Are my standards a tad high, or am I too sober? Have a look at:
    [“All computer monitors display inch-high letters” & “all beds have a special L-shaped top sheet…” Read the rest yourself under SEX 🙂 Clearly you could add a ‘Supernatural’ category here]
    [“The Top 100 Things I’d Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord” including #2 “My ventilation ducts will be too small to crawl through” :-)]

    We can do better than this, people! Entertain _&_ enlighten! Well, damn it, the cheap shit casters on my special robo-chair have become irretrievably wedged in… would you believe: a vent… bobbins.

    Until I resurrect…
    Yours, Crooked Deviant

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