Death by firing squad…it’ll surprise you!

Have a read of this…it makes for very interesting reading…I find it staggering to think that people can be so cynical!  Contrary to what most of us would have thought, death by firing squad is one of the most effective, quick, and pain-free ways of executing someone. Done properly it kills the person within one minute, compared to lethal injection’s nine minutes…and it is ranked with lethal injection as the most pain-free way of doing it.

So why has it been phased out all over the world? Because it seems less humane and more brutal, and it creates more of a media frenzy.  Legislators were worried about appearing brutal in executing people…so they opted for less humane but less ‘brutal’ methods. I might be reading between the lines here but it appears to me that one outcome of staying with ‘brutal’ methods is that they might lead people to ask for executions to be stopped altogether. So rather than educate people that firing squads were actually very humane they took the easy route and changed to less humane methods. Or am I reading something into this that isn’t there?

I’m not a supporter of the death penalty as a whole…getting it wrong one time out of a hundred it not worth getting it right the other ninety nine times…but if you are going to do it you should at least pick the quickest and most humane way of doing. After all, the penalty being applied is taking the persons life…not inflicting pain on them in doing so. I know some people would argue that someone who commits a heinous crime should suffer at least as much pain as they inflicted, and I can understand how they might feel like that, but the sentence people are given is death…not torture and death. If you want torture and death then you need to lobby to change the laws in your country!


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