Feck me, pictures really do say a thousand words!

How effective is this graphic!!! And this one for those among you who want to consider how our population is growing. Regardless of how you feel about asylum seekers arriving by boat, it does kinda put it all in perspective.

Personally, I feel a huge amount of sympathy for them…I can’t even imagine what it would take to get me in a rickety old boat to cross the Indian Ocean and then spend 6 months, in what is basically a prison, waiting to be processed. But I reckon it would need to be a pretty shitty existence and not just for the chance to own a big-screen tv! I know that some people probably rort the system but lets deal with them individually rather than disadvantage those in genuine need.

But I don’t think the power in these graphics is in addressing the rights and wrongs of asylum seekers, or asylum seeker policy…but rather that they suggest we can actually take a deep breathe and spend a bit of time discussing the issue to find a sensible resolution before our borders are in any serious danger. 🙂


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