Toy Story 3…cried like a baby.:-)

Folks, a heads-up….Toy Story 3 is really good but guys beware, it is a real tear-jerker! There has been a lot written about the fact that it has made a lot of grown men cry and I can personally testify to that…although some might argue that I am a grown man in body only! 🙂 This quote by Owen Gleiberman, critic at Entertainment Weekly, hits the nail on the head about how the movie affected me…

“When it comes to my reaction to Toy Story 3, I’m not just talking about shedding a tear or two – I’m talking about that soppy, awkward thing where you make sounds.”

The discussion as to why it is having this effect is interesting and widespread, as the number of results you will get by putting a phrase something like ‘Toy Story 3 a real tear jerker” into a search engine will demonstrate. For me a quote from this article says it all…’But touched by the memories of toys, leaving home and a loss of innocence, men are crying freely.’

So go along and see it…but guys, not with with anyone with might take the piss about a few tears! 🙂 Oh, and don’t bother to pay the extra to see it is 3D. Neither me or my friend Kristie, who I saw it with, thought it added that much to the enjoyment.


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