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Oh for f*&k sake, give me a break!

Has anyone seen the latest Peet ad (for those readers who aren’t local, Peet is a Australian real estate developer)? It is basically a thirty second still of pristine Australian forest with lovely mood music playing over it. And at the end a tag-line comes up….Peet, bringing land to life.

Surely they are taking the piss aren’t they? What these people do is take this and turn it into this. Bringing land to life????:-)


The whole damn world is falling down a sinkhole!

When you start up a blog one of things that the experts suggest is that you decide on a theme to give your blog some purpose…well I think mine might be sinkholes. Everywhere I turn there is a news article about something or someone falling into a bloody great hole. Here is another one. Not totally sure how I am going to develop this into the future but it definitely seems like a sign to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

WTF! You believe in vampires but not other weird shit?

I think I am going to start a new series of blog entries called somethingย  like ‘Lazy Plot Devices’ or ‘Do They Think We Are F*&king Idiots’. ๐Ÿ™‚ First cab off the rank is the premise that, when it suits the plot, people who have experience of something weird are then, for some reason, totally unwilling to believe in anything else weird.

Case in point…True Blood. The basic premise is that vampires are real and now living openly in society, albeit with a bit of tension here and there. As the series goes along they are slowly introducing other supernatural creatures…but no-one seems to be prepared to accept that other forms of supernatural weirdness might exist.

One of the characters in the show is a woman who can control peoples mind and make them do all sorts of things, some nasty (murder), some nice (mass orgies ๐Ÿ™‚ ). The most recent one, an orgy, was supposed to resultย  in the sacrifice of another supernatural being, a shape-shifter. Unfortunately for mind-controlling woman, a detective stumbles onto the scene and disrupts the ceremony. Later when he is trying to explain that all the townfolk were there with weird black eyes, in a trance etc. etc., the sherriff and other sundry law-enforcement officer all say he is crazy.

WTF…so you know that vampires exist, with their being dead, their blood drinking, their not be able to come out in the day-time and all, but you aren’t willing to believe that there may be other scary shit going on…even when you also areย  at a loss to explain why you have spent all night arresting most of the towns people for random acts of minor mayhem…and none of them can explain why they have done it!!

Oh, but they probably should be forgiven cos the script writers have used another ‘Do They Think We Are F*&king Idiots’ plot device…the detective is a drunk! How come the only person who ever witnesses weird shit is the town drunk!!!:-)

Death by firing squad…it’ll surprise you!

Have a read of this…it makes for very interesting reading…I find it staggering to think that people can be so cynical!ย  Contrary to what most of us would have thought, death by firing squad is one of the most effective, quick, and pain-free ways of executing someone. Done properly it kills the person within one minute, compared to lethal injection’s nine minutes…and it is ranked with lethal injection as the most pain-free way of doing it.

So why has it been phased out all over the world? Because it seems less humane and more brutal, and it creates more of a media frenzy.ย  Legislators were worried about appearing brutal in executing people…so they opted for less humane but less ‘brutal’ methods. I might be reading between the lines here but it appears to me that one outcome of staying with ‘brutal’ methods is that they might lead people to ask for executions to be stopped altogether. So rather than educate people that firing squads were actually very humane they took the easy route and changed to less humane methods. Or am I reading something into this that isn’t there?

I’m not a supporter of the death penalty as a whole…getting it wrong one time out of a hundred it not worth getting it right the other ninety nine times…but if you are going to do it you should at least pick the quickest and most humane way of doing. After all, the penalty being applied is taking the persons life…not inflicting pain on them in doing so. I know some people would argue that someone who commits a heinous crime should suffer at least as much pain as they inflicted, and I can understand how they might feel like that, but the sentence people are given is death…not torture and death. If you want torture and death then you need to lobby to change the laws in your country!

Heaven or hell? Your thoughts wanted.

The recent elevation of Julia Gillard to Australian Prime Minister not only ignited a debate among the sexes but also a bit of ‘ginger’ discussion. In light of this, I post this picture and ask…heaven or hell? Or if this kind of gathering should even be legal! ๐Ÿ™‚

Personally, add a few freckles and some geeky glasses and you have my idea of heaven…seriously. But then again I always was a little weird! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Feck me, pictures really do say a thousand words!

How effective is this graphic!!! And this one for those among you who want to consider how our population is growing. Regardless of how you feel about asylum seekers arriving by boat, it does kinda put it all in perspective.

Personally, I feel a huge amount of sympathy for them…I can’t even imagine what it would take to get me in a rickety old boat to cross the Indian Ocean and then spend 6 months, in what is basically a prison, waiting to be processed. But I reckon it would need to be a pretty shitty existence and not just for the chance to own a big-screen tv! I know that some people probably rort the system but lets deal with them individually rather than disadvantage those in genuine need.

But I don’t think the power in these graphics is in addressing the rights and wrongs of asylum seekers, or asylum seeker policy…but rather that they suggest we can actually take a deep breathe and spend a bit of time discussing the issue to find a sensible resolution before our borders are in any serious danger. ๐Ÿ™‚

Toy Story 3…cried like a baby.:-)

Folks, a heads-up….Toy Story 3 is really good but guys beware, it is a real tear-jerker! There has been a lot written about the fact that it has made a lot of grown men cry and I can personally testify to that…although some might argue that I am a grown man in body only! ๐Ÿ™‚ This quote by Owen Gleiberman, critic at Entertainment Weekly, hits the nail on the head about how the movie affected me…

“When it comes to my reaction to Toy Story 3, I’m not just talking about shedding a tear or two โ€“ I’m talking about that soppy, awkward thing where you make sounds.”

The discussion as to why it is having this effect is interesting and widespread, as the number of results you will get by putting a phrase something like ‘Toy Story 3 a real tear jerker” into a search engine will demonstrate. For me a quote from this article says it all…’But touched by the memories of toys, leaving home and a loss of innocence, men are crying freely.’

So go along and see it…but guys, not with with anyone with might take the piss about a few tears! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and don’t bother to pay the extra to see it is 3D. Neither me or my friend Kristie, who I saw it with, thought it added that much to the enjoyment.