Oi Twiggy, I said ‘shut the hell up’!

I am seriously starting to worry about the mental health of this guy…not only does he blame Ken Henry for Kevin Rudd’s downfall, while conveniently neglecting to mention his part in it all, but now he is claiming he and Rudd had basically worked up a solution to the tax all by themselves…in secret…the night before Rudd was challenged…and that Julia Gillard should ‘bring that solution to the table for a discussion with the whole mining industry as soon as possible’.

Hmmmm, all very convenient, Twigs…do you mind if I call you Twigs?

A couple of problems though….and bear with me here. Firstly, this ‘agreement’ was between you and Kevin Rudd…late at night…the day before he was challenged…so he might not actually have shared it with Julia…probably had other things to worry about. And secondly, I’m betting this ‘agreement’, and probably the meeting, only exists in your head. You see, you claim you were ‘making progress with Mr Rudd last Tuesday’ and this ‘is what led you to declare the tax was dead last week’. Only problem is that you declared the tax dead on Monday.

And, just to confuse the issue even further here you are saying ‘FMG would contribute to constructive and open negotiations with the Government and the rest of the Australian mining industry to achieve a sound outcome’ the day Julia Gillard became PM…which kinda doesn’t make sense now with your suggestion that Julia bring your and Kev’s solution to the table. Open negotiations?? :-S

Now I’m not sure what BHP and Rio might have to say about about you appointing yourself their spokesman and saviour but, for my part, I don’t think comments like yours are helpful to the process so can I again respectfully suggest….THAT YOU SHUT THE HELL UP! 🙂


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