Twiggy Forrest should shut the hell up!

I used to have a fair bit of time for Twiggy Forrest…he seemed one of the genuinely good guys and no doubt he has done some good things. But his performance over the Super Profits Tax has showed that he really only has one persons interests at heart!!

First there was his Billionaires Appealathon. Then there was the little porkie he told about China moving away from a Resource Profit tax

But his latest performance, blaming Ken Henry for the demise of Kevin Rudd is the best. It manages to be both hypocritical  and pathetic! This bit…

“Kevin Rudd is a decent guy who I think received very, very bad advice from Ken Henry, and I feel that if anyone has blood on his hands over Kevin Rudd’s demise it’s Ken Henry”

….is disingenuous shit! What about his part in Kevin Rudd’s downfall, what about the lies, mis-information and hysteria he spread? While the International Monetary Fund (kind of experts in this kind of thing) and a Canadian expert believe the tax is a good thing, Twiggy probably hurt Kevin Rudd and the Australian economy more with his talk than the tax will ever do. And even if Henry’s advice was crap, he didn’t force it on Rudd!

And I love his idea of negotiation…basically ‘take what I don’t like off the table and I’ll talk to you’…what you would expect from a 4 year old!

And before I get attacked by the people who thinks we owe this guy, and other miners like Clive Palmer, some kind of debt, remember, they have done everything they have for themselves, anything we gained was a side benefit. The mining companies let more people go during the Global Financial Crisis than any other industry! You notice the threat they make over the RSPT…if it comes in people will lose their jobs. Read the sub-text…’because I’m not going to threaten my personal wealth by keeping you employed’!

And as for risk…people like Twiggy and Clive Palmer take the risks they do for one reason…money. And as billionaires their risks have paid off pretty well. But if you want to talk risks let talk about soldiers or police officers or psychiatric nurses or people who work on the streets to help the homeless etc etc…people who put themselves in harms way every day for the good of others and a pretty meager pay cheque! Hell, every one of you who has taken a mortgage to buy a house to put a roof over you and your families heads has probably taken more of a personal risk than these guys!

So…in conclusion…Twiggy et al…shut the hell up!

**Just a side note. I have come back and edited this after an hour of exercise and some dinner….so you can imagine the language of the first draft!! 🙂


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