Liar, liar, pants on fire! :-P

Rant time! I f*&ken hate it when self-interested rich bastards lie to me to further their own selfish interests! And especially billionnaires! Yesterday at his orchestrated super profits tax rally Twiggy Forrest was quoted as saying…

“In China right now there’s a fierce debate about how to lower their resources tax to encourage the mining industry.”

Australia was doing the opposite, Mr Forrest said.

“I ask you which communist is turning capitalist and which capitalist is turning communist.” ‘ (Read the rest here)

In the news today….

‘China may be considering imposing a resources tax.

China is taking steps towards a resources tax as a means of conserving natural resources and slowing environmental destruction, according to analysts in China, Fairfax has reported’  (Read the rest here)

If you read the article it goes on the say that…’the China Daily, the Communist Party’s main English-language newspaper, has held up Australia as an example for China to follow.’

I was actually worried I might get in trouble for suggesting that Twiggy was a liar…but if he isn’t then the implication is that he doesn’t actually know what is going on…which is a bit frightening actually!


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